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Warsaw Tales - New Issue

Warsaw Tales, a collection of writing from Poland, published by New Europe Writers, is a kaleidescope of inventive experiences that transforms the reader into a modern-day Alice diving down the rabbit hole into a world populated by distinctively quirky characters.
There you will meet the talking park bench with an attitude, the reminiscing bumper dwarf, the Polish Rom and Julia who speak in advertisements, the osiedle thief of Pani Stasia's Grochow who leaves flowers behind, the local hooker who delivers a moral lecture to the headmaster, the monkey who succeeds as a corporate trainee, the heroic Grand Dad who stops a burgler, the mysterious Scribe of the Hotel Europejski, the tramp who lugs a Christmas tree from bar to bar, the beton glowa who is “the man upstairs,” and Uncle Dint, who inserts himself into Polish history by advising the former Pope when he was young to become a goalie.

Drawing upon the experiences of Polish authors (in translation) and expatriates writing in English, this admixture of eccentric characters and off-beat points of view reflects seldom seen images of Warsaw like a multifaceted gemstone swirling in a spotlight.

Sometimes serious, often humorous, always entertaining, this volume is the perfect introduction to the Warsaw Experience for the traveling reader.

Whether by land, sea, air, or imagination, your journey begins with Warsaw Tales.
New Europe Writers.
5.99 Euro RRP

Winners of the spanish award: IV Xatafi-Cyberdark Award of the critics of fantastic literature


Spanish fiction book (ex-aequo):

El mapa del tiempo [The Map of Time], by Félix J. Palma (Algaida)

El hermano de las moscas, by Jon Bilbao (Salto de página)

The finalists have been:

Rojo alma, negro sombra, by Ismael Martínez Biurrun (451 Ed.)
El hombre divergente, by Marc R. Soto (Grupo AJEC)

Spanish tale:

"Mosquitos", by Marc R. Soto (in Marc R. Soto, El hombre divergente, AJEC)

The finalists have been:

“Lo más dulce”, by Santiago Eximeno (in Santiago Eximeno, Bebés jugando con cuchillos, Grupo AJEC)

“El hombre divergente”, by Marc R. Soto (in Marc R. Soto, El hombre divergente, Grupo AJEC)

Foreigner fiction book:

The Yiddish’s Policemen Union, by Michael Chabon (Mondadori)

The finalists have been:

War fever, by J.G. Ballard (Berenice)

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, by Haruki Murakami (Tusquets)

The Terror, by Dan Simmons (Roca)

Spin, by Robert Charles Wilson (Omicrón)

Foreigner tale:

"The Index", by J. G. Ballard (in J.G. Ballard, Fiebre de guerra, Berenice)

The finalists have been:

“Fever War”, by J.G. Ballard (in J.G. Ballard, Fiebre de guerra, Minotauro)
“The Ice Man”, by Haruki Murakami (in Haruki Murakami, Sauce ciego, mujer dormida, Tusquets)

“Salmonella Men on Planet Porno”, by Yasutaka Tsutsui (in Yasutaka Tsutsui, Hombres salmonela en el planeta Porno, Atalanta)

Publisher iniciative:

Francisco Arellano, because of Biblioteca del Laberinto

The finalists have been:

Mondadori, because of Miracles of Life, by J.G. Ballard

Menoscuarto, because of La realidad oculta. Cuentos fantásticos españoles del siglo XX, (David Roas and Ana Casas, ed.)

Puerto NORTE-SUR and Libros del Zorro Rojo, because of the reedition of ilustrated clasiccs for the young readers

Tusquets, because of Cuentos completos, by Cristina Fernández Cubas

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Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays to you all, and a very, very happy new year!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Issue 4 of Universe Pathways is Out

This is the latest issue of the English version of the Greek magazine promoting science fiction, fantasy and horror, not only by Greek writers and artists, but also from around the world.
This English edition is published twice a year.

You can get a copy at
Issue 4 of Universe Pathways is quite long, check out the contents here.

Blinkzine Issue 7 is Online

With new short stories, poetry, podcasts and articles on exhibitions, theatre performances, creative writing, music and fashion, issue 7 of Blinkzine is online.
Don't forget to check out the archives, either. There is a lot for you to read.

New Stuff by Ilona

Hungarian poet Ilona Hegedus has a poem in Issue 7 of US horror magazine Wicked Karneval. She also has short stories in issue 3 and 4 of Universe Pathways. (Both in the English version of the Greek magazine).

A Few Words From the Editor - The Guidelines Again

Unfortunately, I do not include poetry or short stories in European Reader.
So far I have rejected all poems and stories sent to me, so I cannot make an exception now, no matter how good your writing is. So please do not send me your poems and short stories.

However, if your poems/short stories are online somewhere, anywhere, I will gladly include the links to them.
(You may want to try for expl. International Poet or check out the other mags I included links to.)

What you can send me:

- any news you have related to your writing (including nicely written press releases) for expl. on where your work has just appeared
- articles that you think are relevant in some way (for expl. reviews)
- review requests for any books, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. you have in English)
- Anything else you think I might find relevant. Feel free to ask.

Thanks a lot for your contributions,

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Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day - It takes only a few minutes. Show your support.

Support World AIDS Day World AIDS Day, 1 December is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. You can also show your support for World AIDS Day by wearing the Virtual Red Ribbon online. Click on the image and get one for your website.

Universe Pathways Issue 3 is Out

Issue 3 of the English version of Greek magazine Universe Pathways is out. (271 pages.)

“Universe Pathways” is a Greek magazine specializing in Science-Fiction, fantasy, horror literature and art. This is the English version of it and, initially, will be published twice a year. The magazine will publish stories and artworks from Greek writers and artists but also from writers and artists from all over the world.

Check it out.

Blinkzine Issue 5 is Out

Check out Issue 5 of Blinkzine Arts Magazine
Everything from poetry to photography, films, art, fashion and more...

New website: Greek Poetry by Dimitris P. Kraniotis

Visit the new official website of Greek poet Dimitris P. Kraniotis at

Dimitris P. Kraniotis is a Poet and Medical Doctor from Larissa (Greece) and the President of World Poets Society (WPS), a literary organization for contemporary poets from all around the World.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

He's Back! - Two new Hertzan Chimera novels - available now in trade paperback

(News from Mike Philbin)

It's been two years since the 'early retirement' of my subversive writing persona Hertzan Chimera - but as they say, "You can't keep a good 'invented persona' down." This Halloween, under the banner "Writing ! As Hertzan Chimera", Chimericana Books are releasing two never! -before- seen full-length novels Twilight's Last Gleaming and The Hoo-Hoo Are Coming.

It's a tale of resurrection, it's a tale of fanaticism, it's a tale with a happy ending.

Hertzan released a number of books through the alternative press, Szmonhfu (novel, Eraserhead Press), Animal Instincts (illustrated collection, Double Dragon Press), B.F.G.S. (collaborative collection, Massacre Publishing), Chim+Her and Chim+Him (collaborative collections, Cyber Pulp Press). These works were the epitomy of extreme sci-fi horror fusion and genre rule breaking. Hertzan waged a private war against mediocrity in the short span of his writing career.

Then he was dead. Killed off by his creator.

Did the literary world mourn? Not at first, no. Most were relieved that this 'extreme loudmouth' had been laid to rest. But, you know what? People (readers) started to miss Hertzan's extreme worldview. Do you know something else? People (readers) started to suspect there were a couple of Hertzan Chimera novels still to be released. The buzz on the internet grew and grew.

They were right about those missing books.

This November, the world will finally be able to experience those new Hertzan Chimera novels in 6 inch by 9 inch trade paperback format from Chimericana Books - $14.99 each. In a move that mirrors Stephen King's re-issuing of the Richard Bachman books, they will both be released under the "Writing As Hertzan Chimera" banner.

Twilight's Last Gleaming:
by Mike Philbin, writing as Hertzan Chimera, novel (80,000 words).
Written in the early eighties and set in the north of England, the split narrative tells the interwoven story of the a trip to a parallel world from both the physical and the mental perspective. It's up to the reader to decide which. The world is in danger and aliens are harvesting the souls of mankind to further their intergalactic cause. Aliens were never supposed to be this seductive, though.
Here's a teaser from the opening paragraphs:
The limp trickle of liquid on porcelain. The filthy tap squeaking as it is turned off. The static cling of tights being pulled on. The hot smells of the flesh. The juicy odours. The lubricated thrashings and tortured sighs. The scampering of footsteps on the uncarpeted staircase. The slamming of the front door.

The Hoo-Hoo Are Coming:
by Mike Philbin, writing as Hertzan Chimera, novel (80,000 words).
Written in the late eighties, this book explores future European politics and the role of dolphins in human evolution. But it's not really about that. It's about horror, sheer mental and physical horror. The horror of the flesh, the horror of the machine, the horrific interface between the two. Will mankind survive the frenzied amalgamation of desire and chrome?
Here's a teaser from the opening paragraphs:
The scourge began amid the dizzying pyrotechnics of a spectacular thunder storm and a frenzied knuckle assault at an, as yet, undisclosed, door. Stewing in the! bath was the only answer to these terrible twinges of pain her monthly scourge brought her. Geraldine Kablensk brought her head from beneath the soapy surface sat up in her bath. Was she hearing things?

Both books were written with an adult audience in mind - fans of David Lynch, David Cronenberg and Japanese uber-director Takashi Miike will be right at home within the bleeding walls and screaming furnishings of these crazy mansions of terror.

Mike Philbin, artist/writer

Chimericana Books, publisher

Willie Meikle - Success Outside the Horror Genre

Willie Meikle's science fiction story 'Total Mental Quality' in the Scottish SF anthology Nova Scotia got an Honourable Mention in Gardner Dozois' Years Best SF.
That's a first for him outside the Horror Genre.

Willie Meikle's vampire novel "Eldren: The Book of the Dark" is now available for advance order at the publisher site.

More news on him at MySpace: .

Oh No! The Martian Pens Are Coming!

Mutant anthology of fiction and prose published at
Tyke Writer Export

YORKSHIRE writer and journalist Mark Cantrell's latest publishing venture Attack of the 50-Foot Verbose Mutant Killer Fountain Pens from Mars has just exploded messily all over the screen at Tyke Writer Export.

Published in PDF format, the 175-page A5 publication has been released under a creative commons license and is free to download at Tyke Writer Export.

The award-avoiding anthology brings together a powerful selection of short fiction and prose. Whatever you do... don't panic! The editors and the critics are on their way.

Tyke Writer Export is the newly launched web-hub that opens a portal into the mind and writings of Mark Cantrell. The site presents news and information about Mark's literary activities, as well as news from the wider world of creative writing. Links to blogs provide a wealth of his fiction, journalism and poetry as well as his musing on the state of the world.

For some of the most enthralling of words, visit where there's a little something to suit every taste.


For more information email:

Cover graphic: The Womb by Phil Wainman ( Used with permission of the artist.

New Stuff by Ilona Hegedus

Ilona Hegedus has a poem in Issue 7 of US horror magazine Wicked Karneval.

She also has a short story (Between The Bookcases) in Issue 3 of the English version of Greek magazine Universe Pathways.

For more info visit the author's blog, Ilona's World.

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